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Leadership Coaching

As of January 2017 I am back in the DC area, offering Leadership Coaching using Family Systems Theory and Neurofeedback Training. Basic to being a leader is navigating in one’s work and family system. Leaders can learn to step away from instantiations reactivity and build strategies to connect meaningfully with others, while inhibiting instinctive urges.

Questions to ponder: 

  • How do you see a system when you are so angry at your boss, your team, or your partner?

  • What is the reason to court rejection?

  • What are your ten best mistakes?

  • What are the building blocks for your future?

Neurofeedback is a method to increase resiliency and awareness and decrease level of anxiety by training brain wave states. Training enables the brain to perceive the outside world more accurately. One becomes more integrated as to one’s past experiences and current life. A more integrated brain promotes the ability to think outside the social system’s constraints and to be more creative as a leader. Leaders considers who is responsible for what. They develop strategies to increase thoughtful behavior. Coaching and neurofeedback are two extremely useful methods to promote understanding of any social system while developing one’s most mature self in facing the challenges inherent in today’s hectic world.

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