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Connect with Me

For a first-time consultation, a check-in, or just a simple hello, the best way to connect with me is on my cell, at 203-274-1069. 

You can also email me at

A few years ago I created a book on using Bowen theory to guide your effort to be more and more autonomous.  Here is my characteristic provocative wisdom with some of my best systems ideas and interviews with ten leaders. You can support my work by finding it on Amazon. 

Your Mindful Compass: Breakthrough Strategies For Navigating Life/Work Relationships In Any Social Jungle 

My blog website contains a lot of content not included in my book:


I'm also on the faculty of Navigating Systems DC. Check out our website at

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. If you haven't talked with me in a while, reach out and say hello!

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