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Neurofeedback is a cutting-edge method for altering brain patterns, recommended by the American Society of Pediatrics as on par with drugs for the treatment of ADD and ADHD. It's been used to relieve social anxiety, anxiety, depression, addiction, lyme disease, and physical and emotional symptoms. It was used by the Italian soccer team in 2006 when Italy went on to win the world cup. Neurofeedback is a powerful key to altering EEG patterns in the brain. There is a great deal of research available on the web for those interested. For those interested in the specific equipment I use see:







The brain changes to adapt to circumstances. The equipment has a program to alert each individual to take note whenever the brain drifts into more anxious states. A small interruption in the music alerts the autonomic nervous system. Our perceptual system automatically notices any disturbance, comes into the “now.” If there is no threat then we "feel" relax as the brian has found "comfort." In a way the brain is learning from itself.

Discriminating between real and imagined threat leads to the integration of the feeling and thinking systems. By simply disturbing chronic patterns the brain itself decides how to establish more comfortable EEG patterns. Over time the dominant brain wave patterns change.

As one decreases the perception of threat, the ability to perceive the world more accurately increases. Since there is no threat, one can become deeply relaxed and aware.  People can read, sleep or talk during the training.  Focusing become less stressful. One is more calmly focused and experiences greater resilience over time. This also enables individuals to be present in important relationships. 

Training the electrical patterns of the brain occurs, no matter the issues one comes in with, or if one is seeking to enhance performance.  Changes reported include: greater focus, seeing the big picture, increased organizational skills, completing assignments, altering diets or increasing exercise programs, decreases in worried thoughts, more cooperative, more open relationships and far better sleep.

There is wide variation in how many sessions people do.  Some do ten sessions and see progress while others buy their own personal trainer and literally do hundreds of sessions. When training children it is important that other family members train too, as brain wave patterns between family members are linked. For many people TRAINING  promotes greater awareness, focus and resilience.


The nominal cost is $200.00 per session for systems coaching plus neurofeedback. Parents are asked to come to bi-monthly sessions for coaching and neurofeedback, when children are being trained. The charge for children is $75.00. Please inquire about sliding scale and training bundles.

Some thoughts on neurofeedback from a client:
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